Family volunteers Passover Food Volunteers + Women’s Center! (3/31/2021) by Laura Vladimirova The Women's Center and several other J departments plus dozens of volunteers got together to distribute hot meals to homebound Holocaust Survivors recently. A deep and sincere THANK YOU to the volunteers who joined us before the weekend to deliver… Read More >
tim-gouw-bwki71ap-y8-unsplash A Phone Call that Helped Keep Olga in College (3/3/2021) by Laura Vladimirova This article appeared here and shares the story of one of our recent Women's Center client's. Olga,* a single mom in Brooklyn, struggled to continue her education when she lost her job because of the Covid crisis and then developed… Read More >
Copy of Copy of Copy of FALL + WINTER The Power of Exploring Reproductive Cycles (11/11/2020) by Laura Vladimirova (From the publication At the Well: Kislev: Almost Every Torah Portion Talks About Dreaming  During Kislev, almost every Torah learning portion talks about dreaming. Long winter nights are near during Kislev. Dusk and darkness come faster; daylight leaves sooner. Kislev,… Read More >
girls Ilona’s Room is Back! (11/3/2020) by Laura Vladimirova We're thrilled to announce that Ilona's Room, a project generously funded by the Ilona Memory Fund, is back. This is a phenomenal project that is many years running where girls aged 9 - 14 participate in empowering and meaningful activities intended… Read More >
Micro diaper bank New Mom’s Micro Diaper Bank (10/21/2020) by Laura Vladimirova As the needs of our population continue to evolve due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are humbled to be able to open a micro diaper bank on site at the Marks JCH. We now house a small amount of free diapers… Read More >
prenatal yoga class FREE Virtual Prenatal Yoga for Aug & Sept! (8/19/2020) by Laura Vladimirova As part of our prenatal prep classes, we're excited to present FREE virtual prenatal yoga in partnership with NYC's Love Child Yoga! A practice designed just for pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga helps parents-to-be get ready emotionally and physically. through poses and… Read More >
baby sitting Sitting Secrets – You Don’t Want That Bumbo! (3/31/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT New parents (and onlookers alike) are often enamored by their baby’s social skills. Everyone can appreciate a cute baby waving, pointing, and reaching for you – effectively communicating that they need attention ASAP. Around the time your baby is 6… Read More >
Mom and Child Sit together Self Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Mental Health Tips for Parents (3/24/2020) by Laura Vladimirova Originally posted here. These are trying times. In addition to all of the small worries parents carry around daily, we’ve now added Corona Virus (COVID-19) and all the unknowns that come with this unprecedented time. Many parents are going through… Read More >
NICU family An Ode to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Parents (3/3/2020) by Laura Vladimirova (Original can be found here: Parents of babies who have a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) face a higher risk of developing perinatal mood disorders (PMADs), like anxiety and depression, and they may be at greater risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Evelyn… Read More >
Baby ankle rattles toy Top 5 Ideas for Baby Play, From Day 0+ (1/27/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT Congratulations on that beautiful bundle of baby! I still can’t believe such an important product comes without much of an instruction manual. A newborn doesn’t have much control over movement and uses the most subtle cues for communication, leaving new… Read More >
Baby swaddled in bed Swaddling: The Whys and the Hows (1/6/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT Swaddling is an oldie but goodie when it comes to what babies like. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a fussy baby in a blanket (or sleep-sack, zippered pouch, and whatever else the baby industry thinks of next). The intent… Read More >
what are pmads What Are PMADs? (12/9/2019) by Liza Mordkovich We place a lot of expectations on ourselves as mothers-to-be and birthing persons. We assume that happy, lovey, pure attachment, “I-need-to-be-with-my-baby-all-the-time,” feelings will naturally come to us as soon as we see our bundle. We expect the 9 months of… Read More >
newborn prep How To Be the Perfect Guest In A Postpartum Home (12/9/2019) by Jenny Block As a postpartum doula, I‘m lucky enough to witness my clients’ friends and family meeting a new baby for the first time. It’s a joyful occasion -- although sometimes these celebrations can leave the new family and the baby exhausted.… Read More >



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