queer baby onsie Perinatal Care for 2SLGBTQIA+ Expecting, Loss & New Families (9/11/2023) by Laura Vladimirova There is an a real need for perinatal care for 2SLGBTQIA+ birthing people. This includes adequate and supportive lactation and chestfeeding information, postpartum doula care that is affirming and informed, perinatal mental health clinical support that can carefully assess the… Read More >
AnthologyBookCover23v3 Birth Stories Anthology Vol 3: Unexpectedly in the Undertow. (7/20/2023) by Laura Vladimirova Our Birth Stories Anthology, Vol 3: Unexpectedly in the Undertow is here! Our incredible instructor Sara Nolan of Tell Your Birth Story spent 6-weeks with the participants to help them in fleshing out their stories, holding space with them, and getting it all down… Read More >
DV support group New: Survivors of Domestic Violence Support Group (3/13/2023) by Laura Vladimirova An 8-week virtual support group where members delve into  topics such as self-care, confidence, boundaries, coping tools, and other relevant topics. Members will have the opportunity to support one another and remove stigma, isolation and impact meaningful change in each of… Read More >
Marks JCH Women's Center Birth Stories Anthology Vol 2 Winter 2022 (1) Birth Stories Anthology Vol 2: A Life Forced to be Reckoned With (1/30/2023) by Laura Vladimirova Click here to read our Birth Stories Anthology, Vol 2: A Life Forced to be Reckoned With! Our Winter 2002 Birth Story Series Anthology is finally complete! Instructor Sara Nolan of Tell Your Birth Story spent 6-weeks with participants talking about their stories, helping folks… Read More >
Sleep Circle (11) Professional Learning in Honor of Women’s Month (2/9/2022) by Laura Vladimirova In March, to honor Women's Month we're thrilled to be hosting several free, virtual professional development workshops through the Women's Center. Here's a breakdown of what we've got: 3/15, 11AM EST Trauma-Informed Care for Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic with the Marks… Read More >
two people hug Resources for Loss Support (1/20/2022) by Laura Vladimirova As the pandemic stretches on, families find themselves increasingly isolated, especially during challenging times like after a pregnancy loss. Our friends at Pregnancy Loss Support Program offer caring peer support following a miscarriage, stillbirth, termination for fetal anomalies, or newborn death.… Read More >
Add a little bit of body text (003) Birth Stories Anthology: Whose Cry Rebuilt My World (12/21/2021) by Laura Vladimirova Click here to read our Birth Stories Anthology, Vol 1! We are thrilled to announce that our Summer 2021 Birth Story Series Anthology is complete! Our very first volume of birth stories truly was a labor of love. Instructor Sara… Read More >
prateek-gautam-wX1GSlEHzuc-unsplash Perinatal Loss and the Holidays (12/14/2021) by Laura Vladimirova 10% - 20% of people face perinatal loss and yet, the stories of those who have had such a common and difficult experience continue to be invisible. This number isn't all encompassing as it doesn't account for stillbirth, TFMR, and other… Read More >
Infant-CPR The Importance of Learning CPR ASAP (11/9/2021) by Marina Mentzel As a first-aid and CPR educator for children and adults, parents frequently ask me when is the best time to learn CPR? My response is always “yesterday”.  I strongly recommend that parents or caregivers take the class and become familiar with… Read More >
baby playing Developmental Play 101 (6/24/2021) by Laura Vladimirova You know that game of peek-a-boo you play with your baby that makes them giggle and their eyes light up? The good news is that this game is easy, intuitive, and fun. The great news is that peek-a-boo (and dozens… Read More >
Family volunteers Passover Food Volunteers + Women’s Center! (3/31/2021) by Laura Vladimirova The Women's Center and several other J departments plus dozens of volunteers got together to distribute hot meals to homebound Holocaust Survivors recently. A deep and sincere THANK YOU to the volunteers who joined us before the weekend to deliver… Read More >
tim-gouw-bwki71ap-y8-unsplash A Phone Call that Helped Keep Olga in College (3/3/2021) by Laura Vladimirova This article appeared here and shares the story of one of our recent Women's Center client's. Olga,* a single mom in Brooklyn, struggled to continue her education when she lost her job because of the Covid crisis and then developed… Read More >
Copy of Copy of Copy of FALL + WINTER The Power of Exploring Reproductive Cycles (11/11/2020) by Laura Vladimirova (From the publication At the Well: Kislev: Almost Every Torah Portion Talks About Dreaming  During Kislev, almost every Torah learning portion talks about dreaming. Long winter nights are near during Kislev. Dusk and darkness come faster; daylight leaves sooner. Kislev,… Read More >
girls Ilona’s Room is Back! (11/3/2020) by Laura Vladimirova We're thrilled to announce that Ilona's Room, a project generously funded by the Ilona Memory Fund, is back. This is a phenomenal project that is many years running where girls aged 9 - 14 participate in empowering and meaningful activities intended… Read More >
prenatal yoga class FREE Virtual Prenatal Yoga for Aug & Sept! (8/19/2020) by Laura Vladimirova As part of our prenatal prep classes, we're excited to present FREE virtual prenatal yoga in partnership with NYC's Love Child Yoga! A practice designed just for pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga helps parents-to-be get ready emotionally and physically. through poses and… Read More >
baby sitting Sitting Secrets – You Don’t Want That Bumbo! (3/31/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT New parents (and onlookers alike) are often enamored by their baby’s social skills. Everyone can appreciate a cute baby waving, pointing, and reaching for you – effectively communicating that they need attention ASAP. Around the time your baby is 6… Read More >
Mom and Child Sit together Self Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Mental Health Tips for Parents (3/24/2020) by Laura Vladimirova Originally posted here. These are trying times. In addition to all of the small worries parents carry around daily, we’ve now added Corona Virus (COVID-19) and all the unknowns that come with this unprecedented time. Many parents are going through… Read More >
NICU family An Ode to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Parents (3/3/2020) by Laura Vladimirova (Original can be found here: Parents of babies who have a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) face a higher risk of developing perinatal mood disorders (PMADs), like anxiety and depression, and they may be at greater risk for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Evelyn… Read More >
Baby ankle rattles toy Top 5 Ideas for Baby Play, From Day 0+ (1/27/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT Congratulations on that beautiful bundle of baby! I still can’t believe such an important product comes without much of an instruction manual. A newborn doesn’t have much control over movement and uses the most subtle cues for communication, leaving new… Read More >
Baby swaddled in bed Swaddling: The Whys and the Hows (1/6/2020) by Dr. Donna Kleyman, PT, DPT Swaddling is an oldie but goodie when it comes to what babies like. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a fussy baby in a blanket (or sleep-sack, zippered pouch, and whatever else the baby industry thinks of next). The intent… Read More >



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