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Our Leadership

JCH leadership consists of alumni, Russian-speaking professionals and passionate and visionary individuals who are drawn to the mission of the Marks JCH. UJA-Federation’s vision and aligned priorities allows the agency to continue to grow.

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The mission of the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, known as the JCH or “J”, is to be a center of community life in Brooklyn, rooted in Jewish values and fostering an inclusive environment. We influence residents at every life stage, providing critical services that lift people out of poverty, as well as innovative programing that educates and inspires our community members.


We envision a community where people have access to the services needed for successful and rewarding life, and where Jewish identity is preserved and celebrated.


The Marks JCH has six core values:


We promote self-sufficiency, both for those we help and for our organization. We believe when there is a sense of ownership, everyone is empowered to accomplish his or her goals.


Every individual has a story that matters to us. We respect our constituents and treat each one with dignity.


We serve the needs of all generations and offer support at every life stage. We transform the lives of the families and individuals who join us by removing obstacles and creating opportunities for long-term success.

Jewish identity

We treasure Jewish values and seek to play a significant role in the formation of Jewish identity. We work to strengthen our relationships and connections with Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.

Culture of caring and inclusiveness

We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive second home. Our doors are always open to those in need.


We strive to be an integral partner in the delivery of community-based, accessible social services. We value collaboration with others to meet our shared goals.

Board of Directors


Anton Gorshkov, President
Cary J. Davis, Honorary Chair of the Board
Jonathan E. Gold, Chair of the Board
Eli S. Feldman, Vice Chair of the Board
Katherine Boas, Vice President
Rachel Epstein, Vice President
David Klafter, Vice President
Allan L. Shaw, Treasurer
Alvin Kuneffsky, Secretary

Honorary Board members

Andrew Boas
Stanley Goldberg
Arthur J. Press ל״ז
Robert Press
Dr. Benjamin Sherman ל״ז


David P. Berkowitz*
Elina Cotler
Gerald P. Farber
Yale Fergang
Felix Filler
Cheryl Fishbein*
Mel Goldfeder
Carol Goldstein*
Dayle J. Henshel
Robert Ivker
Michelle Kelner
Ben Krull
Irene Molod
Leon­ Pollack*
Philip Schatten*
Eugene Yermash

*indicates past presidents of the Marks JCH


Founded in 1927 by the children of Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, the JCH has always been a home for the Jewish community and our neighbors to gather, to celebrate, and to support one another in times of need. In the 1940s and onward, Jewish refugees fleeing Syria began to call the JCH home.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the JCH was a basketball powerhouse, with famous JCH alumni like Sandy Koufax and Gary David Goldberg playing hoops. Beginning in the 1980s and peaking in the 1990s, the JCH became a haven for Jews from the former Soviet Union.

Today, the primary constituency served by the JCH are Russian-speaking Jewish residents of Brooklyn. The staff of the JCH are largely Russian-speaking, and are representative of the continued arrival of immigrants from all over the world; JCH staff members speak 12 languages.

On June 7, 2017, JCH celebrated its 90’s Anniversary!

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