Birth Stories Anthology: Whose Cry Rebuilt My World

By Laura Vladimirova
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womensbooklet21-PNGClick here to read our Birth Stories Anthology, Vol 1!

We are thrilled to announce that our Summer 2021 Birth Story Series Anthology is complete! Our very first volume of birth stories truly was a labor of love. Instructor Sara Nolan of Tell Your Birth Story spent 6-weeks with participants talking about their stories, giving valuable writing prompts, and then editing the stories. It was an emotional and empowering journey for the group as birth stories can be beautiful and complex. With careful consideration and intentional work, each person worked through their story guided by Sara’s kind and compassionate teaching style.

We deeply value the spaces that expecting and new parents inhabit. Most of society does not offer perinatal persons this. Birth and immediate postpartum is transformative and powerful, there is no doubt it imprints so much on a person’s identity. To explore birth stories, to hold them in reverence, to mourn them — all of this is worth writing about.

We cannot wait to do this again starting Jan 9. To learn more or register head here:

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