Birth Stories Anthology Vol 3: Unexpectedly in the Undertow.

By Laura Vladimirova
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Our Birth Stories Anthology, Vol 3: Unexpectedly in the Undertow is here!

Our incredible instructor Sara Nolan of Tell Your Birth Story spent 6-weeks with the participants to help them in fleshing out their stories, holding space with them, and getting it all down on paper! We use a narrative-therapy based approach to support these courageous writers in recalling and writing the details of their birth stories. Our writers tackled vulnerable and important issues this session such as obstetric racism, queer birth and postpartum, unplanned caesarian births and so much more. We love this work and are so grateful to this group for sharing their innermost thoughts and words. Birth stories are life changing and we are greatly honored and humbled to create space for these experiences.

Sara said, “I think the pieces present a comprehensive and symphonic picture of perinatal experiences, and am appreciating the diversity and depth of perspectives in this small but mighty and robust collection.”

To learn more about this project or to sign up for the next birth story writing cohort, please email [email protected]. Click through to read VOL 1 or VOL 2.

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