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When navigating the fourth trimester, there are going to be things we wish someone had told us, things we wish we had help with and things we just need an extra set of hands for. Through our Caring for New Mothers and Infants program, we aim to support this unique, acute and special time for a brand new family.

the Caring for New Mothers and Infants program includes:

  • Maternal mental health and wellness assessment
  • Lactation counselor (IBCLC)
  • Postpartum doula
  • Developmental play expert
  • Attendance at any or all of our monthly workshops
  • Access to our new & expecting parents’ groups

To inquire about fees and register for offerings in the Caring for New Mothers and Infants program please send an email to [email protected] Financial assistance is available – please reach out directly to inquire.

Our ONE-ON-ONE team support includes:

PERINATAL mental health and wellness SUPPORT

Our perinatal mental health and wellness counselor will check in on you and support your transition into parenthood by engaging with you on a psychological and emotional level. This ensures you feel balanced, cared for and have access to the resources you need.

lactation counseling

Our lactation counselor supports healthy infant feeding with conversations about positions, latching, pumping and storage – and whatever questions you may have about the new and invaluable practice of feeding your infant.

postpartum doula care

Our postpartum doulas can support you in learning about normal newborn behavior, eating habits, sleep, play, safe spaces in your home, baby wearing and so much more. Postpartum doulas are experts in the needs and experiences of a brand new family.

developmental play expertise

Our developmental play expert is a pediatric physical therapist who will talk to you about spending time with your infant in safe spaces that support infant development, milestones and healthy growth. You’ll look at toys together, think about things like tummy time and more to encourage your baby’s unique learning experiences.


There’s so much to learn about the joys and challenges of pregnancy, labor and immediate postpartum. We’ve curated thorough list of workshops that cover the whole continuum of childbearing, from conception through adjusting to family roles. Take a look at our offerings, check out our A-list educators and click through for scheduled dates!

Current Workshops:



Jun 5, 2022 10am – 12pm.
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Infant CPR is a class that teaches lifesaving skills for infant choking relief in the comfort of your home. This class is great for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, and anyone who wants to learn CPR skills. Certificate cards are not given at the end of this class.



Jul 10, 2022 10am – 12pm
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Calling out to all expecting and exhausted new parents! Are you bouncing, rocking, and walking in circles for hours just to get your kid to sleep? Are hourly nighttime wake-ups a norm for your family? Are you curious about healthy sleep expectations for yourself and your yet-to-arrive baby? Please join our workshop with sleep expert, Hadley Seward, who will discuss what the natural science of children’s sleep is, what to expect developmentally, and how to address some of your questions. Topics will include Common sleep issues such as regressions and short naps, ideal routines for varied age groups, and what sleep items are useful and safe.



Our 2022 dates have passed! Stay tuned for 2023 programs!

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Pelvic floor physical therapy can majorly aid in the recovery after a cesarean birth. In this workshop we will go over the ways that a pelvic floor physical therapy can help with recovery using practical, hands-on techniques such as scar massage to help prevent scar tissue build up and puckering, education and resources, we will focus on optimal body function and physical healing.

Newborn Prep And Safety


Our 2022 dates have passed! Stay tuned for 2023 programs!

This newborn care prep class is full of practical ideas to make the time after birth bonding and supportive for parents and their new baby. We’ll also focus on newborn norms and safety topics such as safe sleep surfaces and practices, how to spot signs of distress in a newborn, tips to soothe a fussy baby and more. This program is recommended for expectant persons and partners or support people.


Our 2022 dates have passed! Stay tuned for 2023 programs!

Nurturing touch and infant massage can improve sleep, digestion, increase bonding, and aid in neurological development for your baby. Join us to learn how to use nurturing touch and massage on your child. During the class you will practice massage techniques either on your child or a doll/teddy bear. We’ll also cover how to combine massage and play as well as massage for tethered oral tissues (TOTs) which can include ties of the tongue, lip, and even buccal tissues. This program is recommended for expectant persons, postpartum persons, partners or support people and babies.

Birth story writing workshop SERIES

Our 2022 dates have passed! Stay tuned for 2023 programs!

Join our series of six writing sessions with professional writer and editor, Sara Nolan. Birth stories can help us process and place the incomparable event of our child’s birth into the larger context of our lives. The birth of a child is such a momentous occasion and writing down the whole of the journey keeps the memory accessible. Creative writing can also be deeply therapeutic, helping to work out and articulate some of the bigger and more complex feelings associated with childbirth. Spots are limited, please reserve yours ASAP.


Join Crystal Malone for a reoccurring virtual drop-in sleep support circle. Share in a community space that supports a non-judgmental, welcoming approach to the challenges and accomplishments of newborn and infant sleep. Topics covered include sleep safety, sleep methods, education around the norms of newborn and infant sleep, feeding and sleeping, self-care, and more. Carve out time for you and spend it with a group of like-minded peers.

Every first and third Friday of the month at 10am!


As the needs of our population continue to evolve due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are humbled to be able to run a micro diaper/ postpartum and newborn essentials bank on-site at the Marks JCH. We now house a small amount of free diapers and other postpartum and newborn essentials available for expecting and new parents thanks to the generous donations of our community. We’ve also partnered with Little Essentials, based in Manhattan, to help clients located outside of our range.

If you need diapers, please email [email protected].

Here’s how you can help:

Email us to donate any extra or new diapers you have [email protected]

Buy diapers from our Amazon wishlist (and they ship here!)

Donate funds directly here and in the comments section specify “diaper bank”



Laura Vladimirova
Women’s Center Director