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The Marks JCH of Bensonhurst is honored to host the World War II Veterans group for more than several decades. Over 30 years ago, Liza Yefimova and Vitaliy Khaselev, the first leaders & volunteers, activists and clubs founder who created Russian Senior center and its WWII Veterans Club. Both of them are the WWII Veterans.

For 15 years, Boris Iliynskiy was in charge of WWII Veterans Group. He was a colonel during WWII, earned many medals and awards, and was dedicated to the community. He was also a poet who created the Wall of WWII Veterans at the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst. Today, this group is led by Vladimir Gordon, who also bears many military medals, awards and was actively involved in liberation of the former USSR and Europe. Unfortunately, once a large group in the past, it is now losing its members who will remain in the hearts of his friends’ forever. Despite this, veterans are still able every year to celebrate the Victory Day together and share their memories of war time with the youth.

Bensonhurst Holocaust Survivors Group was created in 1994 by its first leader, Sima Budman, a Ghetto Survivor. Since that time, the group provides supplemental education about Holocaust at Yeshivas and Public Schools, participates in Commemoration Days, and gathers on a regular basis together with the WWII veterans group to celebrate the major Jewish Holidays and other events. Today, this group is led by Khonya Epstein and Saveliy Kaplinsky, Ghetto Survivors, who actively participate in providing the Holocaust workshops to the youth in order to save the memory of Holocaust for future generations.

Leningrad Siege Survivors Group became the integral part of the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst groups in 2007. This group encompasses more than 200 members from different boroughs and states.  Led by Izabella Svetlosanova, the group actively participates in many public gatherings and events, advocating the Leningrad Siege Survivors needs and rights. Uniting like-minded people, the group meets on a regular basis to discuss diverse issues, exchange views and stories, holds meetings with interesting people and politicians, and to celebrate holidays and birthdays together.

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