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Since 1985, thousands have gathered each year at the Holocaust Memorial Park to share memory, prayer and hope. The park is located at the water’s edge of Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay. The park was created through the efforts of the Holocaust Memorial Committee with the support of community leaders and legislators.

As New York’s first public memorial to the Holocaust, this unique Memorial will stand for all of time as a somber reminder of the millions of lives lost and the rich culture destroyed. An eternal light shines in lasting memory of those who perished and as a beacon of hope for the future. A field of granite markers, inscribed with names, places and historical events related to the Holocaust will educate and inspire future generations to remember- zachor!

The Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst has joined the Holocaust Memorial Committee in order to dedicate this park to the victims of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Memorial Park – Sheepshead Bay located at 60 West End Avenue Brooklyn,NY 11235, between Emmons Ave and Shore Blvd.

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