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In the last two years, the Robert Ivker Nazi Victims Fund has raised $100,000, which was used as cash assistance for 90 Nazi Victims living in our community. Each recipient, living on nothing more than their SSI benefits, which often don’t cover their rents, received $50 a month, just to make ends meet. The modest stipends are applied to their basic needs, i.e., utilities, pharmacy medications, rent and groceries. Having experienced concentration camps, labor camps, deportations, etc., these survivors still had the strength to emigrate from the Former Soviet Union to the U.S., seeking a better life. Many face language barriers, citizenship issues, severe poverty, failing health and social isolation. Thanks to the UJA Federation of New York, we are able to provide services and programs to not only help them monetarily, but socially, as well. We would like nothing more than to be able to help even more Nazi Victims this year. This is only possible with your help. Please take a moment to read some of the articles and find it in your hearts to donate to the Nazi Victims Fund.

Donate to the Nazi Victims Fund Now!
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