Glenn Markman Day at the J

By Max Slutsky
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On Friday, August 12, we welcomed the entire Markman family back to the “J” to honor the memory of their son, brother, father, and husband, and our long-time board member and friend, Glenn Markman, in awarding the second annual Glenn Markman MVP Award to an outstanding young scholar-athlete from the Cammarata Youth Sports Center at the “J”. Clio Markman, Glenn’s 21-year old son, shared moving remarks paying tribute to the father Glenn was, and the lessons he instilled in his children before his untimely death two years ago. (Just a day earlier, Clio, ran basketball clinics for the entire camp division together with Allan Glikman, last year’s MVP award recipient. Jan Testori-Markman, Glenn’s wife, movingly shared how much the “J” now means to her and the kids as a way to stay connected to Glenn’s legacy. Glenn’s brother, Greg, and their parents traveled back to Bensonhurst to be with us for the day, and we were all honored to hear their reminiscences and to share pictures and stories of days spent with Glenn at the “J”. Kate Slinchenkova, this year’s Glenn Markman MVP Award winner, offered a beautiful expression of gratitude as she and the gold-medal winning Marks JCH JCC Maccabi team accepted the award and committed themselves to following in Glenn’s footsteps in giving back to the “J”, a place that means so much to so many.

Alan Glikman, last year’s Glenn Markman MVP Award winner, shared a few of his own words in a letter sent ahead of time, as he was staffing a camp overnight trip and could not attend the award ceremony: “I feel very privileged to be the first recipient of such a prestigious and meaningful award and feel honored to be invited to attend the ceremony this year. It was remarkable to have had the opportunity to meet his family and hear so many amazing stories about Glenn. Playing on the court where he once played, with his children Edie and Clio, was incredible, and a time I will always remember. From all I have heard about Glenn growing up at the JCH, playing basketball and being an active member of the “J” for many years after, always giving back to the community, I admire Glenn as a role model. I am inspired by his achievements, tremendous generosity, and his focus on giving back to the “J” and making a difference. Receiving this amazing award is more than just an honor, it is a drive for me to one day become as great a man and person as Glenn was, to become the best I personally can be, and one day make a difference within my community and the world, just as Glenn Markman has.”

Paying tribute to Glenn has been a remarkably rewarding experience for us, in coming to understand the deep and lasting impact the “J” has had on so many people, from so many walks of life. We thank you for your continued support that enables us to be in a position to make such meaningful and memorable events, and look forward to sharing more happy moments together in the months and years ahead.

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