Sustaining Self-Sufficiency Through Higher Level Jobs

By Gelena Blishteyn
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Partnering with the Shorefront Y and the Kings Bay Y, the Higher Level Jobs initiative is making its impact in raising the income for dozens of families throughout south Brooklyn. Following a successful pilot program this year in which enrolled clients received multiple intensive interventions from among a full range of career counseling, interview preparation, and networking skills, clients were placed in jobs at levels that will enable them to better support their families. The initiative has also proven successful in engaging new community employers, serving as a source of high quality candidates for local businesses. Employment preparation services include technical language classes, resume preparation, interview skills, and retention support, toward the goal of placing jobseekers in jobs with the ability to remain employed beyond one year. The approach to creating the Higher Level Jobs initiative focus on placing Russian-speaking Jews in positions that both pay livable wages and allow employees to continue growing along a career trajectory toward long-term self-sufficiency. Our work and best practices in the field of vocational training and job development has shown that those who can retain a job for at least one year have the best chance for long-term employment and sustained self-sufficiency. Marks JCH is grateful to UJA-Federation of New York for supporting this pilot project at the J, enabling the agency’s Job Placement and Vocational Training Center to expand its offerings with a focused effort on sourcing higher level jobs and preparing candidates for employment in full-time positions with benefits at a level that can enable a family to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency.

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