College Crawls: Helping Local Teens Explore Higher Education

By Max Slutsky
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Thanks to the support of the JE and ZB Butler Foundation through UJA-Federation of New York, the Butler Center offers a series of “College Crawls” as part of its offerings of year-round academic support and educational enrichment. At each college, teens had the opportunity to meet with alumni of Marks JCH, admissions staff, students, and representatives of Hillel Jewish student groups on campus. Throughout the fall and winter months, Marks JCH staff provide intensive support to high school juniors and seniors as they begin to explore options for higher education. While many of the teens served by the J are now American-born, nearly all teens we serve are from immigrant families, whose parents were educated in their native countries. As such, the teens lack networks from within their own families to provide guidance on selecting a college in the United States. Visiting with JCH alumni at SUNY, CUNY, and local private colleges on these trips allows teens to broaden their horizons as they consider life beyond Bensonhurst. Marks JCH staff partner with local high school staff in helping students find their right match for college — college advisor Mr. Pierce from John Dewey High School joined this most recent trip, enriching the experience for all.


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