Bids for sales and installation of security-related enhancements.

By Max Slutsky
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Edith & Carl Marks JCH of Bensonhurst (herein referred to as “Marks JCH”) is seeking sealed bids for sales and installation of security-related enhancements.


The project includes:


  1. Installation of an Access Control System that provides flexibility for expansion now and in the future. Cards or other keying devices should offer maximum flexibility, ease of use and access management for users and system administrators. Electronic door locking components (such as card readers) should be durable, exchangeable without causing system fragmentation, failures partial or otherwise. Once in place, the system should provide Marks JCH security professionals and administrators with an access management software that provides systems status, door status, simple access programming capabilities, remote programming, scheduling, locking and unlocking.
  • A complete ACS is defined as all card readers, access cards, controllers, specific access control panels, power supplies, etc., as well as all cabling/wiring, needed to achieve a complete and functional system.
  • Contractor should provide all materials, software, hardware, installation, and system programming.
  • Contractor is responsible for all wiring and cabling to connect card reader, panel and doors.
  • The Contractor shall provide all hardware and system programming for connection of the new ACS to current Marks JCH system.
  • The Contractor shall provide installation, testing, adjustment and initial programming necessary for all equipment.
  • The ACS shall provide the ability to quickly secure a building as part of a lock down or lock out response.
  • The Contractor shall provide written documentation and specific instructions for system as installed.
  • The ACS shall be capable of functional integration within Marks JCH systems and network platforms.
  • Card Reader must provide key card and keypad access.
  • System should be able to run reports, create timed schedule, capacity to hold 10,000 users.
  • System should include necessary components to create/replace access cards or devices.
  • The Contractor shall possess all applicable contractor licenses and secure all necessary work permits.
  • The Contractor and manufacturer(s) shall warranty all equipment. Materials and installation labor for two (2) years from completion.



  1. Replacing Front Entrance Doors which will be connected to Access Control System with an electronic key panel.
  • Contractor should replace four interior doors, door hardware and frames.
  • Existing facility shall be protected by Contractor and any damages must be corrected by Contractor immediately; failure to repair damage shall be just cause for withholding payment for work, which becomes due.
  • Contractor shall be responsible for measuring and getting correct size doors and doorframes which are to be replaced at their current size. Contractor should work to ensure that replacement doors match existing bronze finished door frames and surrounding architecture.
  • Contractor shall bring new doors, door hardware, and door frames to each site on the scheduled day of installation.
  • Contractor shall remove specified doors and door frames in their entirety and ensure proper disposal of all equipment and materials removed.
  • Contractor shall not remove existing doors and frames until Contractor is in receipt of replacement doors and frames and able to install new doors and frames.
  • Doors must have ability to be electronically opened and the entrance should be controlled by electronic card reader.
  • Contractor must provide Certificate of Liability, naming Marks JCH as insured party.
  • The Contractor shall warranty all equipment.


Project completion date: June 1, 2020.


Bid Submission – due by 5:00 p.m. on March 9, 2020.

Bids shall be emailed to: [email protected] or by mail to:

Marks JCH of Bensonhurst

Attn: Inessa Novik

7802 Bay Parkway

Brooklyn, NY 11214


Bid Opening –March 10, 2020

All bids received will be publicly opened onsite. Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated at this Bid Opening.


Proposal Evaluation- Proposals will be evaluated and scored by an evaluation team using the criteria specified below:

COST 40%


Compiled scores from all eligible bids will form the basis for recommending a contract award.


Notice of selection will be made by email March 13, 2020.

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