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    All members must abide by the following rules and regulations.

    Membership Cards:

    Each JCH member receives a photo ID card that must be shown at the security desk upon entering the building. The JCH will take photographs at no charge during registration and renewal. Those not carrying membership cards may be denied admission. Non-members enrolled in JCH programs will be issued a course card, to be used as identification upon entering the building. Please report lost or stolen ID cards to the office immediately. Card replacements are available at a $5.00 charge.

    Building Tours:

    The JCH welcomes prospective members to take an escorted tour of our facilities. Contact our membership office at 718-331-6800 ext. 111 to set up a visit.

    Bring A Friend:

    Bring a friend to join our Pool & Fitness Center for a yearly membership and receive $35 off your next membership renewal. Bring up to 2 friends per your membership calendar year, who must purchase a yearly membership and become NEW members. Your friend will need to put your name and your membership ID number on the back of their membership application at the time of their registration. You will receive a credit letter for $35 off your next membership renewal. Your credit will expire one month after your expiration date. Zehut Teens, Children, SilverSneakers®, Renew Health, Senior Adult Club, & 6 month members are not included in this offer.

    Guest Passes:

    Guest passes can be purchased at the front desk for $25 per visit. You must present a picture ID. A guest pass includes 1 day in our swimming pool, fitness center, steam room & sauna and fitness class/classes given that evening. You may purchase up to 5 guest passes per calendar year. If you purchase a membership within 3 months of your last guest pass we will deduct 1 guest pass fee from the cost of membership. You will need a lock for the locker, towel and swim cap.

    Personal Responsibilities:

    The JCH expects its members and guests to behave and use our facilities in an appropriate manner. Inappropriate behavior, such as foul language, dangerous play, fighting or property damage may result in loss of membership. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. Cell phone use is prohibited in the locker room, fitness and pool. Please leave them in your locked locker.

    Personal Assumption of Risk:

    Physical activity inherently carries such risks as bruises, scrapes, muscle pulls and more serious conditions such as heart attacks. Each participant assumes personal responsibility in the event of an injury sustained in the normal course of events.


    The Marks JCH of Bensonhurst maintains Jewish dietary laws and we request the cooperation of all who use our facilities. All food brought to the JCH must be Kosher and dairy.


    Does the Pool & Fitness Schedule change?
    Yes. We have separate schedules for Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer, with the Summer schedule changing at the end of June to reflect summer hours.

    Where can I get a Pool & Fitness Schedule?

    Right here. Or, at the Membership & Information Desk located in the JCH lobby, as well as inside the Fitness Center.

    Do I need to bring my own towel?

    Yes. Towels are not provided in the Fitness Center or Swimming Pool.

    Will anyone show me how to use the fitness equipment?

    Yes. The fitness center is staffed during all open hours and an attendant would be happy to show you how to use the equipment.

    What should I wear to the Fitness center?

    Proper workout attire, please. Sneakers, sweatpants, athletic shorts and t-shirts are appropriate. Jeans, slacks, khakis, jean shorts, skirts and flip flops/sandals are not permitted. COMPLETE FITNESS CENTER RULES*

    * Fitness Rules
    1. Everyone using the Fitness Center must be a current member or a guest.
    2. All members must present a valid membership ID card.
    3. Please sign in at the Fitness Desk each time you use the Fitness Center.
    4. You must be 13 years or older to use the Fitness Center.
    5. Proper workout attire is required.

    What should I wear to the Swimming Pool?

    Swimsuits and swim caps (available for purchase in the Cashier Office) are mandatory. Flip flops are recommended for use on pool deck. COMPLETE SWIMMING POOL RULES*

    * Aquatics Rules
    1. A valid membership ID card must be presented when entering the Pool area.
    2. All swimmers must shower with soap before entering the Pool & wear a bathing cap.
    3. Flip flops are required to enter the Pool area but may not wear them in the Pool. Members must be appropriately dressed to swim at all times in the pool area. You may wear swim goggles.
    4. No running, jumping, splashing, diving or ball playing in the Pool or Pool area
    5. No eating, drinking or gum chewing in the Pool or Pool area.

    Can I pay for the pool only?

    No. Membership at the JCH includes both the pool and fitness center. We do not offer separate memberships.

    How do I make use of the lockers?

    Locker Rooms Members may use lockers while they are attending the pool and fitness center. Please bring your own lock. Lockers should be locked if you have your belongings in there. You may not leave your belongings in the lockers overnight. The steam room and saunas are open.

    At what age can child members use the pool and fitness facilities?

    Children must be 13 or older to use the fitness equipment. Children under 12 require parental supervision to use the Swimming Pool.

    May I add my wife/husband to my membership?

    Yes. If you add a spouse within two weeks of membership, you will be charged the difference between an individual and married couple membership category. For additions past two weeks, contact Diana El Bassiouny, Director of Membership Services, at 718-331-680 ext. 111.

    May I upgrade from an individual to family membership?

    Yes. You can pay the difference at the Cashier Window.

    May I cancel membership if I relocate or get sick?

    Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. In the case of illness, please contact Diana El Bassiouny, Director of Membership Services, at 718-331-680 ext. 111 to make the necessary arrangements.


    Annual membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and payable in full upon registration. Financial aid may be available on a need-based basis, and single-parent families with proper documentation may apply for a special rate.

    PLEASE NOTE: All first-time registrations (except Children’s, and Senior Adults Club categories) or those whose memberships have lapsed by three months or more require an additional $35 administrative fee, to be used for processing applications and creating photo ID cards.



    6 Months- $400
    12 Months- $650
    Parents with unmarried, dependent children 18 and younger living in the same household. Applicants must present birth certificates for all children.


    6 Months- $350
    12 Months- $550
    Under 60 years old, membership does not include children. Applicants must present copy of birth certificate.


    6 Months- $250
    12 Months- $400
    Ages 30+. Proof of age is required.


    6 Months- $185
    12 Months- $300
    Ages 19-29. Proof of age is required.


    6 Months- $150
    12 Months- $250
    Ages 12-18 Proof of age is required.


    6 Months-  $130 Single; $200 Couple
    12 Months- $200 Single; $315 Couple
    Ages 60+ Proof of age is required.


    12 Months- $75 single; $140 couple
    Ages 60+, Weekday activities only, NO POOL & FITNESS CENTER. Proof of age is required.


    12 Months- $170
    Ages up to 11. Proof of age is required.


    In an effort to promote good health among employees at local businesses, the JCH is pleased to offer corporate memberships. For further information, contact the membership office at 718-331-6600 ext. 111.

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