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The JCH offers social services to Holocaust survivors who are eligible for or current recipients of Hardship Fund, Article 2 and/or other compensation from the German or Austrian governments. This program is funded by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

“Support was provided by the URO Charitable Trust Limited.”

We provide free counsel on a wide array of financial, legal and personal issues, including government benefits such as Medicaid & Medicare, Social Security, the Home Energy Assistance Program; food assistance programs; housing programs and applications; and referrals to the New York Legal Assistance Group and Legal Services NYC.

We also share information on activities and events relating to Holocaust survivors and provide help with services such as home care, including handyman services; health care; and emergency cash assistance funded by the Claims Conference.

Key info:

  • Eligibility: The criteria for eligibility for our services is to be a Holocaust survivor, so anyone who suffered Nazi persecution and between 1933 and 1945 had lived in or fled from a country that was under Nazi rule, under Nazi occupation, or under the direct influence or control of the Nazis. In other words, all those who either receive money from Claim Conference or are eligible for it.
  • ContactYanina Abramova – Director of Holocaust Survivors and RS Center at 718-943-6309 or Raisa Latrushkina at 718-331-6800 x109 for an appointment for a home visit.
  • Cost: Free



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