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Farber Bruch Early Childhood Center is not just a Preschool. It is a source of  love, laughter, and learning that inspires young learners and nurtures their soul. Children are immersed in an exciting environment where tradition is respected and diversity is appreciated. The program provides developmentally appropriate experiences for children while teaching Jewish values. We view each child as a vessel full of wonder and ideas that are valued and respected. We foster their unique character and encourage their development by feeding their imagination and encouraging creativity. Center-play based environment provides an opportunity for creative play with peers; children manipulate objects and materials to discover what makes things work and to imagine and create. Parents are invited to participate in the child’s journey throughout the year as our parents are partners. The state-of-the-art facility creates an environment that enables children to grow and blossom. From full court gymnasium led by a trained gymnastics coach to aquatics and instructional swim, to music, song and dance classes, to cooking and art – fun and learning never ends. Our one-of-a-kind outdoor playground sets the stage for discoveries and play. The “Imagination Playground” enables children to use their creativity, language and collaborative play to create new space for play every time.