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Since Marks JCH opened its doors in 1927, it has been a home to new immigrants and those who have resettled in the Bensonhurst area. In the 1990s Marks JCH was on the forefront of welcoming the wave of  immigrants from Former Soviet Union and has worked with over 100,000 people in helping them move to new homes and learn English; find jobs and place their children in schools; translate documents, receive entitlements and help get their families from abroad to America. And even though the community today looks very different than it did at the crumbling fall of the Iron Gates, there is still an immense need for services for the various immigrant groups.  Our Immigrant Services department is on top of the new laws and government developments; provides legal consultations, offers vocational trainings and job placements and still has one of the best and busiest FREE ESOL Schools.  Our knowledgeable professionals will be happy to help you.

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