Summer Day Camp for Children – Ages 2-5

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Summer Camps at the JCH is more than a place where children learn how to swim and enjoy arts and crafts – it’s a safe environment where they can form lifelong friendships, shape their identities and build character. That’s why we’ve offered it for nearly 90 years!


Yeladim camp is an environment where children grow and blossom. Early childhood teachers lead a holistic program that focuses on the social, emotional, and physical development of each camper.

Together, they explore the surrounding world, create friendships, and learn through Jewish values of Kindness and Community. This camp takes place on site of the state of the art facilities of Marks JCH in Brooklyn.

Key info:

  • Kosher Meals: Breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks are included. For sample, menu CLICK HERE
  • Registration: Call us at 718-943-6345 or email [email protected]


Full Season Fee:
$2950 Register
First Session Fee:
$1,860 Register
Second Session Fee:
$1,860 Register
  Farber-Bruch Early Childhood Center
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