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needhelp21-rus-1 needhelp21Marks JCH has partnered with NurtureNYC to provide pre-assessments and referrals for mental health counseling for children and adults; as well as yoga, meditation, and individual counseling for those interested in improving their lives. Lead by Lilian Ostrovsky*,+ LCSW, a bi-lingual English/Russian therapist.

* Lilian is a Manhattan based Psychotherapist with +10 years of experiences working with families and a founder of NurtureNYC, an innovative startup bringing yoga, meditation, and wellness solutions to nonprofits, their employees, and the communities they serve. Lilian is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and an expert facilitator of therapeutic groups. Lilian lives in Brooklyn where she spends her time seeking inspiration through meditation, yoga, music, and dance.

Contact: Lily Ostrovski

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