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By Gelena Blishteyn
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Marks JCH job placement has placed thousands of new Americans in their first jobs and enabled them to live independently as soon as possible after entering the country. The center’s no-cost services help participants, including political asylum grantees and refugees, prepare to enter the workforce as well as give them the tools to be successful in their careers.

The JCH has an extensive network of connections with area employers and a comprehensive computer system for matching candidates’ skills with job openings. Our staff prepares a client for work-life by assessing and creating a plan to overcome all social, educational or vocational barriers to employment.

Job placement and supportive services include:

  • Resume preparation
  • Employment readiness counseling
  • Job skills training, including interviewing, job searching and development of positive workplace relationships
  • Pre- and post-placement counseling
  • Job orientations carried out cooperatively with employers
  • Referrals for translation and evaluation of diplomas and documents
  • Preparation for the New York City exam for most public-service careers
  • Professional training for various careers, such as medical billing and coding, bookkeeping and computer courses
  • Assistance with government entitlements
  • Assistance with medical insurance
  • Food assistance
  • Subsidized housing applications

Key info:

  • Schedule: Individual appointments with experienced case managers can be made during office business hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Information: Information: call Alla Gonopolsky, Job Developer 718-943-6307 or Anastasiya Zhukova, Vocational Training Coordinator 718-331-6800 ext. 166, [email protected].
  • Fees: None

Lina Lipnitsky [email protected] ext.139

Alla Gonopolsky – [email protected] 718-943-6307- ext.167

Anastasiya [email protected] – 718-943-6306 – ext.166

Dila [email protected] – 718-943-6383 – ext.183

Larisa Mikheyeva [email protected] – 718-943-6397- ext.97

Lena Malinov – [email protected] – 718-943-6384 – ext.179

Lyubov Volfson – [email protected] – 718-943-6324-ext.124

Marina Kitaigorodsky – [email protected] 718-943-6338 – ext. 138

Nataliya Shkolnik – [email protected] – 718-943-6352-ext.152

Tatyana Shreibman [email protected] – 718-943-6395 – ext.195

Katherine Hill – [email protected] 718-331-6800-ext.107

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