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Ilona’s Room is a special program for young women and girls designed to support body positivity, self-love and healthy self-esteem. Through regular meetups and activities, peer-to-peer support, a wide array of motivational speakers and specifically targeted discussions, Ilona’s Room offers educational, emotional and experiential awareness regarding the body and self-acceptance issues young women face today. Ilona’s Room also weaves in programming for parents and family members related to the prevention of eating disorders and how to positively impact their daughters’ confidence.

Key Info:

  • Build body image and relationships
  • Intuitive eating
  • Learn joyful coping tools for stress like meditation
  • Education about the warning signs of eating disorders
  • Registration Contact:  Please contact Laura Vladimirova for more info: 718-943-6394

This program is generously supported by Ilona Memory Fund. 

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