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Farber Bruch Early Childhood Center

is a Jewish Preschool where joy, exploration, care, and love for learning are inspired by teachers and children alike.

Our state-of-the-art facility provides an environment where children grow and blossom. From bright and beautiful classrooms to full-court gymnasium, to instructional swim, to music, songs, and dance classes, to cooking, gardening, and art – all are included in our Preschool Program. The outdoor “Imagination Playground” and a variety of riding toys and games encourage daily creativity, collaborative play, and physical development.

Marks JCH preschool is a part of an amazing Marks JCH Community Center that becomes a home for many families, where children join summer or school-break camps, after-school activities, teen groups, family events, and so much more!

Our highly trained educators view each child as a vessel full of wonder and ideas that are valued and respected. Our Emergent/open-ended curriculum fosters curiosity and the unbound potential of each child. We welcome parents as partners to infuse the program with organic experiences and warmth from home through literature, art, science, and much more! Our students come from all over the world and feel welcomed and comforted by teachers who speak many languages and represent different cultures. We have a wonderful teacher-to-child ratio with many adults guiding our learners. Children who receive additional services, get specialists’ support in the classroom. Our professional, dedicated staff develops consistent structured schedules which provide a warm, inviting, predictable and secure environment for each child. We strive to provide continuity for children with the same friends and teachers throughout the year.

Our Preschool follows all the Health and Safety guidelines set by the NYC Department of Health and CDC requirements.

We welcome our two-year-olds at an essential time in their development and help them achieve very important milestones in their physical and cognitive growth. We support their social-emotional development, independence, interaction with peers, language skills, potty training and so much more! Our two-year-olds learn about Jewish traditions and celebrate holidays such as Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover, and weekly Shabbat celebrations with Challah bake.

Our school is open from September 2022 to June 2023. We offer a wonderful summer camp program for ages 2-4 during July and August.

All enrolled students have priority registration for the state-funded free 3K and Pre-K For All programs for the following years at our Preschool.

Sample Daily Schedule:

Arrival, Choice Time, Breakfast

Circle Time & Class Morning Meeting

Learning Centers such as Dramatic Play, Block Center, Math Center, Reading Corner, Writing Center, and Sensory Play

Outdoor Play at Imagination Playground

Hot Lunch

Story Time & Rest Time

Music & Movement/Art Enrichment Activities


Gymnastics/Gym Activities


Early Drop Off (8 am-9 am) and Late Stay (4 pm-6 pm) are available with outdoor play, enrichment activities such as art, dance, storytime, science exploration, STEAM, and much more!

Key Info:

The admission process for the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst Preschool began on April 1, 2022, and is done via ongoing enrollment. Admission is based on availability and screening. Marks JCH meets with each family prior to registration as it is important for us that our expectations are aligned. Upon acceptance, a one-time registration fee and a deposit are required to enroll and guarantee placement at the center.


Monthly rates for the school year September 2022- June 2023:
2 years old class –
9am-4pm $1,250
9am-6pm $1,400
8am-4pm $1,350
8am-6pm $1,450



Julia Linetsky  or call 718-943-6333


  Farber-Bruch Early Childhood Center
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