Caring for New Mothers and Infants

By Gelena Blishteyn
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New Moms and Infants

The burgeoning Women’s Center of the Marks JCH has launched a new initiative for expecting and new mothers in the Russian-speaking emigre community of southern Brooklyn. Targeting Russian-speaking women within the first 60 days after giving birth, our set of services, addresses the needs of new mothers in a culturally competent and focused way. The new program will work towards reducing social isolation, providing early intervention where needed, and connecting Russian-speaking women to the Jewish community for family engagement opportunities from the earliest point in their lives as a family with children.

Through this initiative the JCH will help new mothers in the Russian-speaking Jewish community to better connect with one another and the Jewish community at large, to feel supported in their learning as new parents, and to be informed and empowered to make well-educated decisions about the care and education of their children and for their well-being as mothers. Our initiative to care for new mothers and infants is directly connected to our vision of providing people with access to the services they need to live successful and rewarding lives, and where Jewish identity is preserved and celebrated.

For more information please reach out to our Women’s Center Coordinator, Laura Vladimirova

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