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Through the Butler Center for Educational Advancement, parents and students obtain tools to enhance and empower each student’s academic journey. Experts provide monthly workshops on the admissions process, financial aid assistance, educational transitions, and seminars for teen-related issues.

Please see below for additional resources:

  • Vital in-person and virtual workshops for high school/ college students including Career Aptitude Testing, Career Fair, Financial Aid, Stress Management, etc.
  • Tutoring for grades K-12
  • Resource Lab for teens and young adults twice weekly
  • SUNY/CUNY Campus visits (when permitted by CDC guidelines)
  • Individual support and guidance
  • Many useful resources regarding high school and college applications

Topics include:

  • FAFSA/TAP & Financial Aid assistance
  • SUNY/CUNY Campus Crawls
  • Jr. high school, high school, & college selection


For more information:

Ketrin Mila| 718-943-6334 |[email protected]

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