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The Children and Families department has been an integral part of Marks JCH since its inception. The department includes:

The department’s mission is to provide high quality options and opportunities in skill-building, Jewish Education, academic development, cultural arts appreciation and holistic growth of each child.  

All of the programs and services offered are licensed by the New York City Department of Health and follow the best practices recommended by today’s research. What differentiates our programs from many of our competitors is a dedicated and caring team of staff with years of experience and high standards to children’s and family programming. Bi-lingual in English and Russian, all of our supervisory staff hold Graduate Degrees in relevant areas. Our counselors are carefully selected and are well-trained. 

Here is what Parents say about our programs:  

“Marks JCH Pre School made a world of difference in my daughter’s life. We can not be more thankful to Tanya and the teachers for all the love and care that surrounded her.”

“My two sons learned to swim at the 'J'. Then they learned to dance, to play basketball and to care for the world around them. I know that the education they received will help in the future.” 

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